I don’t have any fancy equipment and I’m not a professional photographer, but I really like taking photographs wherever I go. The photograph at the head of this blog is one of the skylines of the city of Glasgow in Scotland. Glasgow Cathedral stands tall and proud in the centre of the photograph and behind it amongst the clutter of buildings is the old Glasgow Maternity Hospital, or Rottenrow as it was known locally. That is where I was born and where my story starts.

I’ve owned some kind of camera for as long as I can remember, and it is a constant companion whenever I go travelling, hiking or exploring. The narratives of my life in motion can be read on an alternate blog, but here it’s all about the pictures. I particularly like to photograph natural landscapes and wildlife, but cities and artwork also grab my attention from time to time. I don’t usually edit my photos and they’re not even close in quality to the professional images that easily fill the internet but that doesn’t stop me wanting to share them in my little corner of the digital world.  So I’m going to share my life of adventures, one photo at a time.

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